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I, Phoenix

I, Phoenix

I, Phoenix


The plumage around her is rare

Her glistening moistened hair

Her stinging stabbing stare

Left me unaware, men run, men beware


I loved her every morning

And every passing eve

Her abandoned love has left me mourning

Life has left me no one left to believe


The look in her eyes deceived me

Their gaze is emblazoned in my brain

The eyes of peacock’s feathers amazed me

With their eerie resemblance to her eyes’ disdain

Which never yield or wane

She has flown afar to other fields

yet the fiery plumage remains.


I am the phoenix arising from the ashes

I am the hell spawned through the fire

The lightning lights the sky, Zeus with thunder crashes

I take to the skies, unchained, soaring high above my pyre.


"Peacocks represent rebirth and rejuvenation..."

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